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Protection Key

Installation Part 1

Installation Part 2

Master Key Introduction

Driver - How to install

Envelope Overview

Licensing API

SL Activation

EMS License Burn

ToolBox Overview



SL Keys

SL Rehosting

SL Detaching

SL Clone Protection

LicGen API

EMS Web Services

VM Live Migration Support

V Clock

RUS Utility

Runtime Install APIq

License Update

HL Board Key

Dynamic Memory

.NET Envelope Sample

BSS Legacy support

Admin API

Admin API C Sample

Sentinel LDK Troubleshooting - Finding Latest Driver

Sentinel LDK Troubleshooting - Msinfo32 log

Sentinel LDK Troubleshooting - Verifying Port 1947

Sentinel LDK - Troubleshoot Using MsConfig to Disable Services

Sentinel LDK - Troubleshooting RTE logs

Sentinel LDK RTE - Version History and fixes

Sentinel LDK - Provisional License